Will it?

The days have been long. Longer than normal and with it comes a weary heart. A heart that in the process has been bruised, rejected and hurt. Hurt by the words and actions of many and each time, fainter it grows in pulse. Joy has been an illusion of it and pain, oil for its [...]


Lamenting soul

I have sinned beyond forgiveness. Beyond repair and beyond reproach. This world is becoming smaller with every passing moment. Things are not making sense anymore and the nights are getting longer and longer with every passing day. Sleeping has become an issue. I can't remember the last time I slept without popping a pill. Praying [...]


I have been here before. The same pit but this time everything is different. The walls are darker than before, the floor is colder while the air is thin and hurting my lungs. My eyes are aching and the color is red. My fingers and toes shiver but at the same time sweat is dripping [...]


"Am black. Black as night yet painted red in the inside. I have tried so many times to make the inside black but every time I do this, it gets brighter than before and am tired of running around inflicting pain on the inside. So here I am. Ready to yield until the red is [...]

Somewhere in Between

I am torn between right and wrong, darkness and light, hate and love, freedom and slavely, truth and lies but still I live like all is well within me. I can feel the emptiness in me. It is so empty that fun days no longer exist in my diary but slowly they have been replaced [...]